You are enough

Many times in our lives, we get stuck. We get stuck in a dead-end job, a terrible relationship, or even the worst a  mindset. We feel that we cannot break free from the monotonous cycle that we call life. We have a routine, and I love my routine by the way, but we get so caught up in doing the routine that if one thing does not get accomplished or if something doesn’t go our way, we get into a “hissy” fit. We suddenly become a two-year old throwing him/herself onto the floor violently contorting her/himself’s  body until we get the pack of m&m’s that we desperately so desire from the grocery store.

Why do we allow ourselves become so enraged? Why do we so desperately desire the m&ms or that delicious, but detrimental comfort? A couple of m&ms won’t kill you ( unless you are allergic to any ingredients made with it) , but why do we look for comfort in things that can slowly kill us? I love watching television. I become engrossed in the shows that I feel that the characters are related to me. (Okay, that’s a wee bit melodramatic).. but why do I become angry if someone gets killed off the show or rejoice when they do kill that evil character off?  What moves you? What stirs you up inside? What makes you feel alive?

We find comfort in countless things, but what we think is comfort may be masked with deceit, despair, and ultimately death. Not everything in this world is good for us. Just because you can justify it as a comfort doesn’t make it any better. This is not a post to judge people’s lives. If you knew my schedule and how long I had this account and never used it, you know I ain’t got time for this. I am saying this in love. You might be reading this and thinking that I don’t know your struggles, your daily life, and the situations you are currently in- that is true. I don’t know, but I care enough to let you know that the daily things we do add up into years that fly by. When you spend too much time doing things that we aren’t supposed too, it will negatively affect our lives. Netflix binging is fun and great when you are bored, but when its finals week or the week before… its ALL BAD.. What are we trying to find comfort in? Why do we do our habitual things? Does it give us temporal pleasure or eternal pleasure?  Does it add years to our lives or help us escape?

Most importantly, you need to know you are enough. In this society, we are valued by how much we work and our accomplishments not who we are as individuals. Its as if our resumes and grades are more important than qualities such as being compassionate, honest, peaceful, and having integrity to name a few.  Several people think that if you have a job, get good grades, and stay out of trouble, you are doing well, but that is completely wrong. Several of us are trying to achieve certain things to ” feel good enough”. We want to feel worthy enough to become something or do something or become someone or to be with someone . Why do we have this insatiable to feel worthy of something ? Is it because we want to feel valued? Is it because when we feel valued we feel important; that we actually matter as a person?

I want to inform you that you are ” good enough”. You are “strong enough”. You are “smart enough”. You are “brave enough”. Yes, because we live in this society we have to be diligent in our tasks, but the main point is that you matter as a person. Your life is important.

Psalm 139: 13-14 

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” 

Do you believe that you are well- made and beautiful as a person?

We all are beautiful works in progress.